Who we are?

Voissy is a community of internet users of all ages and all professions. Voissy members seek to make their voices heard and speak out by participating in paid surveys. The Voissy Panel allows its members to share their impressions on all sectors that interest them and earn money.

Many brands, companies and organizations around the world continually seek the opinions of people like you to shape the products they develop and how they market them. They rely on you to respond to online surveys to provide them with reliable information so that they can better meet your expectations.

We aim to capture the voice, the priorities and the insights of members of our community, so that world leaders are known to be involved in the process of defining the new development agenda for the world.

How we work?

Join the Voissy Community

You want to give strength to your word and improve your world, join our community. You will have the opportunity to express yourself and share your opinions on different products and services by completing surveys when you wish and anonymously, and you will be rewarded. Your Voissy membership is free and without obligation and you can cancel it at any time. All information provided by members is processed in accordance with the strict rules of data protection law. We offer you 300 points at registration.

Take surveys

By subscribing to our community, you access the paid surveys offered on Voissy directly by entering your member area or via an invitation sent by email. You can participate whenever you want anonymously. By completing your profile, you will be more likely to be selected to take part and respond to surveys that suit you. You will also be empowered to transform and improve the products and services that matter to you. For your contribution, Voissy gives you the opportunity to earn rewards.

Get rewarded

Because your time and your opinion are precious, you will be rewarded each time you completely answer a survey. You will receive rewards in the form of points. Once you have accumulated enough points you may convert them into cash through PayPal, Amazon gift cards and other great rewards. The more you participate, the more you earn.

Speak out! Share your insights!